Cloud ERP lets SMBs use big business methods

Cloud ERP lets SMBs use big business methods

One of the things you hear a lot about cloud computing is that with cloud hosted enterprise software the playing field has been leveled between big businesses and small businesses.  This sounds great, but what does that really mean for SMBs and startups?  For starters it simply means that enterprise resource planning is available on platforms like ERP cloud and hosted ERP for significantly less investment than ever before.   This is fantastic but it doesn’t stop there.

There are significant opportunities for leveling the playing field even further once a solution like ERP cloud is implemented. recently published a great article that covers some of the great ways that SMBs are using cloud-based technology to implement the practices that have before now only been available to businesses.  Here is my take on it.

Cut Costs by Outsourcing

This doesn’t mean using a sweat shop in the third world, at least not always.  With cloud-based enterprise software solutions you have the provider’s IT staff at your disposal so you can save money.  Also you can use contractors who work remotely with telecommuting capabilities of the cloud.

Focus on Core Business

You can find a specific solution that works for your business in the cloud, and because the availability of reporting and forecasting tools now at the disposal of the business, you can focus on key revenue generators, and zero in on the vendors and customers that keep your business moving.  This leads into the next point.

Intelligence is More Important than Data

Data is important but it doesn’t mean much without the business intelligence tools to extract meaningful information and report from it.  Now those tools are affordable thanks to cloud ERP and other cloud resources.

Relationships are Important

Developing solid business relationships is important, and maintaining them is equally important.  With hosted CRM software there tools available to small businesses in the cloud that let them streamline, and improve their customer relationships.

Plan for Growth

Everything we’ve discussed in this article explains how cloud-based technology can help you improve processes and grow the business.  And one of the most exciting features of enterprise software in the cloud is its elasticity.  So first it helps you grow, then it facilitates the growth by being easily scaled up and upgraded thanks to the inherent flexibility of the cloud.

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