Cloud ERP is safe, even from zombie apocalypse

Cloud ERP is safe, even from zombie apocalypse

If someone asked what the hot topics that everyone is talking about these days are, two things would surely be near the top of the list—cloud computing and zombies.  As discussion topics you wouldn’t think the two intersect naturally, but David Linthicum recently posted a blog at about how cloud computing may save us when the zombie apocalypse strikes.

The article made for a great gag, but if you read between the lines of comedy there are actually some great arguments that lay to rest certain fears about Cloud ERP security.

Linthicum recommends bunkering yourself in your cloud provider’s datacenter to escape the undead hordes.  After all, these sites are some of the most secure facilities in the world.

But if the walking dead manage to penetrate and shut down a cloud center, your critical data will be safe because built-in resiliency measures will allow the data to automatically default to another secure location in a different region.

Lastly, the mobility that comes with SaaS hosting makes it easy to run your business from your mobile device while running away from zombies.

The underlying message in all this: The fear of moving data to the cloud is almost as irrational as the fear of a zombie takeover.

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