Cloud CRM for Professional Services: Video Case Study

Cloud CRM for Professional Services: Video Case Study

Professional services and project based organizations face a unique set of challenges.    From contract management to job costing serving clients requires a strong technology system as a the backbone of the organization.  For example, a customer relationship management  (CRM) package can improve you customer service with better agility and greater collaboration across departments.  Cloud CRM for professional services allows you and your people to access valuable customer data from anywhere and on any device.

VIDEO: Cloud CRM for Professional Services Success Story

Professional services firm, Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL) distinguishes itself from its larger competitors, by maintaining closer relationships with clients by delivering personalized service. The independent member firms of GTIL are deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM to facilitate collaboration around sales, marketing, and customer service. Their Cloud CRM for professional services has driven an increase in the number and size of sales.

“Now that we’ve implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, we’re really able to look in the system, see the different touch points in the relationship and the last time someone was actually out there meeting with that client,” said Rick Stow, Head of CRM, Grant Thronton.  “We’re beginning to use the dashboards to understand our business and to gain insights into our business and to really forecast where we’re going.”

Whether you are an IT consultant, engineering firm or a financial services firm, Microsoft Cloud CRM for professional services connects the many moving parts of your organization and helps the firm gain focus on customer service across departments.

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