Cloud computing: Not just budget friendly, green friendly

Cloud computing: Not just budget friendly, green friendly

One of the clear and obvious benefits of an ERP cloud solution is the cost saving potential.  Aside from savings generated by eliminating the up-front cost of expensive on-premise systems, there are also savings to be had through energy use reduction that comes with cloud computing.  And that reduction is also good for the environment.

An interesting article on discusses the green-friendly potential of cloud hosting services.  A recent report from the Carbon Disclosure Project estimated that US companies will save $12.3 billion in energy costs annually by 2020 thanks to cloud computing.

In addition to the cost savings of reducing energy use in data centers, the same study estimated that US companies will show an annual carbon emissions reduction of 85.7 million tons by 2020 using the cloud.

While the article does point out that most cloud computing is powered by non-renewables and its rapid growth will only deplete those resources further, it also acknowledges that the push for renewable energy will undoubtedly be a part of the future of cloud computing.

Combine that with peripheral benefits like reduction of cars on the road thanks to increased mobility, there’s no question that the cloud is the green friendly option.

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