Cloud computing around the world

Cloud computing around the world

“Globalization” is one of those words that gets thrown around by academics, politicians, economists and everyone in between.  For business owners and decision makers it is a word with practical consequences, as they seek out raw materials, new clients, new sites of operation or anything else that brings them overseas.  With ERP cloud solutions’ reliance on internet connectivity it might be a good idea to take a look at cloud computing around the world.

A recent article on does just that.

Africa, while lagging behind when it comes to cloud generated revenue compared to countries like the U.S., is emerging as one of the world’s growing opportunity hubs.  And they are making cloud security a top priority.

Asia, with a comparatively higher than average computer literate population, is keeping pace with the U.S. in all aspects of cloud computing, while Australia is uniquely focused on security and electronic law.  But the land down under has made a strict mission out of keeping their cloud data onshore, steering far away from offshore data storage.

Finally, the Eurozone is a bit old fashioned in its reluctance to adopt the cloud, but the anti-hacking policies in Europe create a very secure environment for data storage.

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