Cloud Based Healthcare Software

Cloud Based Healthcare Software

Regulatory, population, social, technological and financial forces are transforming the face of healthcare in the United States according to IDC research shop.  Healthcare professionals are turning to the cloud to streamline patient communications and document processes, improve patient outcomes and enhance the overall patient experience.

“These opportunities exist in both the payer and provider side of the market and have spurned many experiments to progress to a better, more competitive, and financially sustainable model,” said IDC in recent press release. “Customers continue to evolve as we race through the first quarter of the 21st century. Dedicated Websites, customer online portals, and emails are growing in popularity and are becoming more prominent as customer communication channels.”

Of course protecting patient history information is a critical priority for all healthcare professionals and moving to cloud based healthcare services raises many concerns about compliance to new and changing regulations.

Healthcare organizations who are looking to improve their communication, financial and customer management system by adopting cloud based solutions will need to seek out a software as a service provider that specialize in delivering solutions to highly regulated industries.  Moreover they will need to vet the security standards of the provider.

RoseASP offers cloud hosted Microsoft Dynamics solutions to a variety of industry verticals with an emphasis on compliance and security.  RoseASP’s data centers maintain the highest levels of security standards, and the RoseASP team delivers services to support high regulated organization.

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