Cloud Based CRM – Video Case Study

Cloud Based CRM – Video Case Study

Cloud based CRM can delivery a variety of benefits to distributors and manufacturers.  CRM gives sales a jump start by connecting the sales team in the field to the rest of the team in the office and to retail locations.  And with Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Based CRM, performance is easy to measure with role based analytics that are accessible anytime, anywhere.

“We’ve adopted the Microsoft Cloud here at trek because if we make our employees more efficient and deliver things faster it makes our consumers better off,” said David Peterson, enterprise collaboration Manager for Trek Bicycle, in a recent video case study on Trek.

Trek is a global leader in bicycles and related gear. But they try to keep up the spirit of a small company, from its close-knit, collaborative staff to the independent bike shops who sell Trek bikes and gear. Because it sells through a network of smaller, independently owned retailers rather than big-box sporting goods stores, Trek’s success depends on close, supportive relationships between its local sales reps and the owners of the stores.

“We’re able to use CRM online in a lot of different way,” said Melissa Ebbens, East Coast Inside Sales Regional  Manager for Trek.  “It’s great for the sales reps because they’re able to log in to one system.  Being able to document concversations with the inside sales team or the warranty team here and outside rep gets that information and it’s live.”

“Now we can track the process we can track interactions we can see who’s we can attach files, it’s there historically.  It’s easily reportable, so you can pull that data back down and match that up with other data.  We can analyze responsiveness.  We see that Microsoft cloud is something that is the future,” said Steve Novoselac, Trek’s director of digital technology.

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