Future of NAV | Directions 2015 Roadmap through 2017

Future of NAV | Directions 2015 Roadmap through 2017

The mid-range ERP market will be dominated by SaaS over the next few years including Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Worldwide spend on SaaS is expected to grow by 24-percent over the next four years, according to a presentation at Microsoft Dynamics NAV Directions 2015. Get the latest updates on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 »

cloud at directions 2015 and the future of nav
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Future of NAV

NAV Directions is one of the biggest NAV events of the year and it just kicked off this past weekend.  The cloud at NAV Directions 2015 will continue to be a major topic of discussion.

The presentation at Directions said that SaaS spend will grow most dramatically among businesses with 10 to 99 employees in the coming years for a 24-percent growth rate totaling nearly $12 million. You can learn more about NAV and SaaS on the Dynamics NAV Cloud Page.

Dynamics NAV is ideally suited for the mid-size business. The graph to the right shows how the numbers break down for small- and enterprise-size businesses. Enterprise are expected to continue using on-premise for the large part in the foreseeable future.

As Microsoft moves forward in the ERA of cloud computing, NAV will continue to adapt to the new ways of delivering ERP functionality. As the product is improved the NAV team will focus on making the solution easier to implement, use and maintain.

NAV Commitments and Cloud at NAV Directions 2016.


Administrators will be able to make simple UI modifications or add substantive horizontal functionality like credit card processing or vertical functionality like rental equipment management.


Dynamics NAV will be more easily upgraded, although for many small and midsize businesses that use NAV, maintaining upgrades will never be exactly easy. You can find several resources with information on hosted Dynamics upgrades that require no maintenance or additional cost to the user on the Dynamics Upgrade page.


Moving forward there will be a new way to change how Dynamics NAV appears and behaves –without directly altering source resources and it will be distributed as a preconfigured self-contained package.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 release was one of the most anticpated Microsoft release of the year. It was made generally available October 5.  Microsoft’s Paul White released this video months ago about NAV 2016 at Directions  2015, as the anticipation for NAV 2016 was already growing in the first half of the year.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 upgrade cloud at nav directions 2015

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