Cloud and firewalls make the perfect couple

Cloud and firewalls make the perfect couple

Protecting valuable company data and processes from internet evil-doers is one of the top IT concerns, if not the top.  And with the emergence of cloud security has become an even hotter topic that it was.  And while perceptions have shifted considerably over the last year or two about cloud security, there are still a few hangers on who believe the cloud presents a greater security risk.   In partial answer to that questions a recent article at explains why cloud and firewalls make the perfect couple.

The article suggests Cloud-amended firewalls will actually work better than traditional firewalls because they address the ultimate firewall dilemma of the past 15 years—the performance and management dilemma.

This dilemma was created by the fantastically huge amount of data throughput that has been generated in recent years with which traditional firewalls struggle to handle without compromising security.

Cloud-amended firewalls will be able to address this by redirecting the workload to cloud-based content filters where the computing is almost unlimited.  This is ultimately more affordable and will perform better.  And combined with the already robust cloud security of data centers used for applications such as ERP cloud and other enterprise software security in the cloud and firewalls amended for the cloud are actually an improvement from traditional systems.

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