Cash Flow Tools in GP 2015 – New Features in Dynamics GP 2015 R2

Cash Flow Tools in GP 2015 – New Features in Dynamics GP 2015 R2

Cash flow is often considered a top business challenge as the majority of small business failures are caused by, or related to cash flow management issues.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 was released at the end of 2014, and there are many cash flow tools in GP 2015 that can help businesses increase margins while decreasing working capital needs.  Microsoft recently released GP 2015 R2 with some new enhancements to accounts payable and receivable to further improve cash flow management capabilities.

Dynamics GP Cloud User with New GP 2015 R2 features

Email Sales Orders and Purchase Orders

The print options for sales orders and purchase orders have previously only supported email for ‘Blank’ document formats. With this latest release of GP, a new feature has been added to support email for any document format for all Sales Order documents.This feature is supported when printing from the Transaction Entry Window, Navigation Lists, and Print Sales Documents window to help improve efficiency in accounts payable and receivable processes.

Display Debits before Credits

Responding to popular demand by GP users and consultant, Microsoft has added a new feature to GP 2015 R2 that moves the debit column to display before the credit column by default.  This includes account transaction reporting options in which the credit column previously only displayed before the debit column. The new features applies to SmartLists and Excel Reports, as well as the database tables and views on which the reports are based.

Customer Credit Limit Visual

This latest update to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 provides users with additional options that determine how and when users are notified of a customer who is over the credit limit you set for them.  In order to improve billing, the receivables setup window now allows the user to select and icon to display or give a warning message for a customer who is over their limit. The existing process for an existing credit limit password will still be asked when entering a line item or saving a transaction.

With the ability to properly manage cash flow, businesses are more like to stay afloat during less productive times and have enough working cash to drive growth during busy times.  The enhancements listed above build on the solid foundation of accounting and cash management tools in GP 2015.

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