Case Study – Downsize

Case Study – Downsize

Cloud hosting services allow businesses to be flexible and to align their system expenses with their business volume. As a company’s business increases they can easily add users and functionality. Likewise if their business volume declines they can adjust their expenses downward. Here’s an example of a client who had to downsize their company:


Existing customer downsized and lost IT department – (12 GP users/50 Business Portal users)


  • Moved existing GP 10.0 database into hosted ERP environment
  • Upgraded database and users to GP 2010
  • Carried over all customizations, FRX reports, and ISV solutions
  • Moved licenses from on-premise to monthly subscription pricing 


  • Don’t require an IT department
  • Users have access to the latest version of software
  • No more enhancement fees to pay
  • Same function-rich system without additional IT resources
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