California’s Historic Primary and Public Sector Software Tools

California’s Historic Primary and Public Sector Software Tools

public sector software tools

Public Sector Licensing Scenarios Brief

Today is election day in California along with five other states, and a few more will be holding their primary elections in the coming weeks.  This is a historic primary in California as it is the first time the Top-Two system will be used to choose candidates for the governor’s seat.  This means voters can cast primary votes across party lines, so that Democrats can choose Republicans and vice versa.  The top two, even if they are from the same party, will be chosen as the official candidates for the fall election.  We live in dynamic times, and as governments change they will be looking for public sector software tools that can help navigate and support new ways of delivering services to citizens.

Microsoft Dynamics AX™ 2012 R3, the latest version of Microsoft’s most powerful ERP system, comes with exceptional public sector software tools.  Check out this video to see a demonstration of some of these tools.

There are a variety of licensing models that public sector agencies can choose from to deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX.  The licensing guide above presents five different licensing scenarios that will allow agencies to take advantage of the great public sector software tools inside Dynamics AX 2012.  These scenarios include:

  • 311 Citizen Services Portal and Project Management for Department of Transportation
  • Budgeting for a School
  • Procurement for a Hospital
  • Procurement for a Police Department
  • Budgeting for State Department of Motor Vehicles
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