Business IT Alignment – Gain agility and break through IT gridlock

Business IT Alignment – Gain agility and break through IT gridlock

Break the cycle of IT gridlock and achieve Business IT alignment with minimal disruptions to the business and without sacrificing security or risk management.


Business IT alignment is discussed with increasing frequency, wherein the IT agenda and strategy line-up with and drive the business agenda and strategy.  This discussion often focuses on the changing role of the CIO, as IT leaders take on more of a business leadership role.

We live and work in a world that is being disrupted by communications-driven change.  This change is rapid and the impact is substantial.  In order for IT shops to achieve Business IT alignment they have to become adaptive and more innovative to keep up with this change.

But IT agility is hamstrung by a fundamental problem.  IT departments’ time and resources are often completely dedicated to managing and maintaining existing systems and infrastructure.

“With so much of their focus and resources consumed in simply maintaining the existing legacy estate then little is left over to deploy new innovation-enabling technologies, and so this gridlock is a constraint that needs to be addressed,” said a recent article at on the subject.

Essentially IT shops face a chicken-egg situation.  They are expected to innovate and add value to the business, but they have to spend their time just keeping the ship afloat.  They need more resources and time for innovation, but with aging systems their value is often underappreciated by the rest of the executive team, and therefore it is difficult to build a case for increasing IT funding.

A hosted solution can help IT shops break through this “gridlock”.

At RoseASP one thing we hear time and time again from our customers is, “Our IT department is now able to completely focus on other line of business applications and innovation, because their time and resources are not being consumed maintaining and managing servers and software for accounting solutions, CRM and Office products.”

One of our customers recently told us that he is able to run a 400-location retail enterprise with one IT manager because that manager is completely focused on supporting POS, while RoseASP does everything else.

While the move to the cloud may not be a small project for enterprises, especially those who are not already using Dynamics ERP, it is probably not as hard as you imagine. Plus, the upfront costs is significantly lower than traditional deployments, so it is easier to justify with the executive team, and the move can be done in a phased approach to ease the transition.

For existing Dynamics Customers, the transition is quite simple.  You keep all the data in your existing database.  We port it all over to a test environment which allows your team enough time to adjust to the new system.  Once you are comfortable that the system is ready to work for your business, we start the migration to the live instance on a Friday so that when your people come into the office on Monday, the system is up, and you can hit the ground running in the cloud.

With our compliance validated hosting practice, RoseASP offers more than just secure hosting services.  We maintain and manage your Microsoft Dynamics ERP software, provide support for accounting solutions and provide compliance documentation and reporting support.  Service packs, enhancements and updates are included in our monthly subscription pricing structure so your business is always up to date with the latest tools, without having to justify huge licensing costs every time a new update comes out.

Learn more about RoseASP’s Hosting services.  Or download our brochure to learn more about our services around regulatory compliance.

RoseASP is eliminating setup fees for Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the cloud during the month of May to help you further reduce upfront costs of ERP.  Sign up with RoseASP by May, 31 2015 and pay no set up fees for Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the cloud. Contact RoseASP to learn more.

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