Business Hosting Needs, Customer Hosting Needs – Selecting Cloud Hosting Partners Part 3

Business Hosting Needs, Customer Hosting Needs – Selecting Cloud Hosting Partners Part 3

Accessibility is what drives cloud adoption.  People need to be able to access their business management software from anywhere at any time to stay competitive.  So vendors, partners, ISVs, need to be able to offer their solution with anywhere, anytime access.  But selecting a cloud hosting partner can be tricky and requires a great deal of faith in the hosting provider.  This final installment of  a 3 part series on choosing cloud vendors will be looking at business hosting needs and the hosting needs of the end user, the customer.  So far in the series we have looked at how to avoid cloud hosting failure and the importance of a cloud vendor’s cloud services improvement and investment strategy.

Your business hosting needs are what the first thing you need to assess.  First and foremost you want to feel confident when you offer cloud hosting services to a customer.  For this reason, you want a cloud hosting partner with a reputation, solid products and an organizational leader who’s name is known and trusted in the marketplace.

Of course the cost of doing business with a partner is going to be critical as well.  But just finding the cloud vendor with the cheapest price is not going to be enough.  Vendors with variable cost structures should raise an immediate red flag.  Look for cloud vendors with fixed costs, and a pricing structure that makes sense so you don’t end up with hidden cost of doing business.

Your reputation is on the line when you choose a cloud vendor.  If you want happy customers, you need your cloud offering to be reliable, secure and deliver the performance that consumers have come to expect from online applications.  Ultimately, it boils down to the fact that consumers are looking for lean, portable technology.  They need to be mobile to stay competitive, so partners need to offer some mobility to stay competitive.  At the end of the day your customers’ hosting needs are parallel to yours.

This relationship has created new demand for trust in technology delivery.  Reputation and trust have long been requisite for staying competitive, today it is a priority as we move more and more data and operations into the cloud.

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