Build effective strategies using a cloud CRM solution

Build effective strategies using a cloud CRM solution

Effective strategies using a cloud CRM solutionSetting sales goals is a time-tested motivator for any sales team and it always will be.  But the goal is only as valuable if the road map to achieve the goal is clear.  If your sales team sets out a clear plan for themselves than reaching those sales goals is much more achievable.  And there is no better way to build effective strategies using a cloud CRM solution that is integrated with a cloud ERP solution.

A recent article at gives some great tips on how to effectively plan your sales strategy and hosted ERP and CRM solutions can put you on the right path.

Contact Tracking

It is crucial to keep your finger on the pulse of all your contacts.  With an effective Hosted ERP solution, your sales teams will have an accurate history recorded for all their contacts. So, they can nurture existing relationships and close leads with efficiency.

Opportunity Tracking

Hopefully your team has more leads than they know what to do with, but when this happens staying organized can be tricky.  But with the right solution they will always know what stage of the sale relationship is and be able to strike where and when the iron is hot.

Activity Tacking

You will be able to know who on your team is performing well and who isn’t.  Not only that but you will have better insight in problem areas so that the sales manager will be able to follow-up with, and turn problems into opportunities.

  • Brad Hodson
    Posted at 17:52h, 20 March Reply

    It really is amazing what just getting organized via a CRM solution can do for a sales team. I hear time and again stories of how sales teams are sharing legal pads and white boards to manage contacts and tasks. If you’re still doing this, you’ve got a long way to go. Use CRM software to help you get there.

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