Budget Import and Export to Dynamics GP Using Excel

Budget Import and Export to Dynamics GP Using Excel

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Budget Import and Export to Dynamics GP Using Excel allows you to easily take budget information in Excel and import it into Dynamics GP for financial reporting.

Dynamics GP is a good place to store the budget information because it will be securely stored and backed up as part of the SQL database. Because you can keep as many budgets in Dynamics GP as you want to, this helps keep your different budgets and forecasts straight, and makes it easy to include them on your financial reports.

I’ve found that most people create and maintain their budgets and forecasts in Excel. So this is a nice utility that makes the budgeting process a lot quicker and easier.


The process is pretty simple. You can export a budget template from Dynamics GP directly to Excel. If you want to include actual data from Dynamics GP, you can select which year you want to include.

Once you enter your budget amounts you just import them back into GP. You can change or add information to existing budgets just by re-importing from Excel.  What’s more he upcoming Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Release will make it even easier to connect to Excel and all Office and 0365 apps.


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