Big Data, security and Cloud air travel

Big Data, security and Cloud air travel

The Big Data revolution is starting to gain momentum as more and more people become aware of it.  There is such a variety of uses for big data analytics that all industries and departments are finding creative ways to leverage technology to their advantage, starting with security.  In a recent interview at two members of the Cloud Security Alliance discussed how big data security analytics are changing the game for security professionals.

“Big Data enables various capabilities, for instance, forensics and the analysis of long-term historical trends,” said Alvaro Cardenas with the Alliance. “Another is the efficiency of queries. So when you want to understand your data, Big Data allows you to carry out complex queries and receive results in a timely fashion.”

While security is still a top concern about cloud computing, much of that concern has been alleviated and people are now looking for new ways to take advantage of technology, and improving customer service seems to be a top priority for a lot of industries.  Another article at takes a look at how big data is changing air travel.

Check out this video to see how Delta Airlines used Microsoft Dynamics AX to improve service to their customers and streamline their process.

It isn’t just the airlines that are getting into the big data cloud air travel game. The CloudTweaks article looks at how airports and the in-flight experiences are changing thanks to Big Data.  For example, Heathrow  Airport in London has deployed an app that makes personalized information and services as the user makes his or her way through the airport.  Even flight safety is being improved with cloud data.

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