Azure for Business

Azure for Business

Windows Azure for business is gaining speed as organizations turn to Microsoft products for a complete business system.


Many CIOs and IT managers are looking to the cloud for Infrastructure as a Service such as Azure Cloud for cost savings and efficiency gains.

With Azure for business, you can deploy virtual machines, virtual networks and Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the cloud for a complete business management solution.  Because Azure allows businesses to quickly build, deploy and manage applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP and NAV in the cloud, it is a great option for many businesses.

Whether you are a small start-up looking for a new ERP system or a larger enterprise looking to deploy a hybrid approach to your existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, Azure is a great option for cloud infrastructure.

However Azure does have its’ limits for enterprises, especially publicly traded companies.

For starters, Azure is not the right fit for application compliance requirements such as SOX, FDA, or HIPAA rules.  You need a more comprehensive service level agreement and stronger backstops and security for compliance to satisfy regulations such as these.

Also, applications with custom service level agreements, 32-bit applications and applications using Red Hat Enterprise Linux do not work on Azure.

For higher service levels in the cloud, a compliance validated hosting services provider with a Dynamics accounting background is the best option.  RoseASP delivers both Dynamics in the Azure cloud and Dynamics hosted in our own compliance validated hosting centers.

Azure for business is a great option for many organizations.  It is up to the customer to determine if Azure meets their technical, security and compliance needs. Contact us for a hosting quote or if you want to discuss Azure and other cloud options and find the solution that works best for your organization.

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