Achieving insight with an ERP cloud solution

Achieving insight with an ERP cloud solution

It is become increasingly common for CFOs and other financial executives to take a more active role in the decision making process behind IT projects.  But are they leveraging technology to improve how they work?  Business transparency into all departments is critical for CFOs, and achieving insight with an ERP cloud solution can help you do that.

A recent Compuware survey of financial leaders revealed some challenges CFOs are facing in trying to drive revenue growth with services.

28% of respondents are looking to drive increased revenue growth with a focus on selling services

25% are looking to optimize their resource management and planning capabilities

40% of those responding drive more than 50% of their revenue from managing external customer projects

46% percent of respondents to our poll still use spreadsheets to manage their project based business

With hosted Dynamics combined with a hosted CRM solution you customer service will be more efficient and your sales team will have the business intelligence they need.  Your supply chain will be streamlined a so you get the materials you need, when you need them.  Dynamics will streamline reporting and business intelligence, and give you accurate forecasting, so you can start and achieving insight with an ERP cloud solution.


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